Week Three Master Keys

PHEW!! I was starting to worry that this was too much for me. The first two weeks were definitely giving me a lot to think about, but it also seemed to be a little overwhelming. I was starting to second guess if it was too much for me, or not. Well, after this week, I am a lot more relaxed. It was great to take the time to cover the DMP and the expectations, with examples to show great explanations. I don’t even feel overwhelmed at all. Things are looking better and better every day.


Week Two Master Keys

Well, the second week has me thinking more. How have I not thought of this before. I love the information that I am given. Time seems to be the only roadblock that I am dealing with. Work keeps me busy too many hours in a day. I know that may sound like an excuse, but, I don’t feel that I can put 100% into it while at work. Todd has been really supportive and helps me keep on track to continue. I know there is extremely good value in this, and I know that this would make me a better person, but the getting going and keeping on track is definitely a challenge. I hope Todd keeps helping me with this. I can’t even imagine what is to come, if after two weeks, it has me thinking this much already. I guess I will find out.

Week One Master Keys

I love how the master keys makes you think about things that you never think about, but you should. I can see how, with dedication, it could retrain your subconscious, and make you a better version of yourself. I’m excited to see where this course will take me, and the type of person that I will become.